3 Reasons you should have family photos done this year

3 Reasons you should have family photos done this year

With the rise of social media and apps like Instagram, physical pictures have become less common, and everyone is able to take on the role of a photographer with a simple click of their phone. How many pictures of your kids or other family members do you have on your phone? Probably more than you can count. But there is something special about holding a photograph, and a memory, in your hands. Photography still has an important role, and family portraits can be a valuable keepsake. Hiring a professional photographer for your family portraits can help create a lasting memory of your family.

Capture your whole family – including you! 

gold-coast-family-photographer-04All those pictures of your kids that you post online are missing one key thing. If you’re snapping photos of your family all the time, you might not stop to think about actually getting in some of the pictures. A photographer can bring your whole family together in the frame while making it a super fun experience.

Leave the details to a professional

roma-st-parklands-family-photos-06Photographers take pictures for a living, and they know what looks good. They can work out little details that you might not even think of, like what colors look good together or what backgrounds might look best. More importantly, a photographer can help place your family in the frame in a way that showcases your personalities and uniqueness. This attention to detail and composition is not something you’ll get from a quick snapshot on your phone.

Have a lifelong keepsake

brisbane_family_photography400-e1424773246665Sure, you can share your pictures to all of your social media accounts, but it can be nice to have physical copies. Hanging pictures of your family around the house can make it feel more like a home. In addition, it can be easy to accidentally lose or delete digital photos, but an actual photograph is something that you can share and pass down to others in your family for years to come.

Family photography can capture the spirit of your family and give you something to cherish forever. Contact us today to find out how to book your family photograph session.