Choosing the Flavour of Your Cake Is One Yummy Wedding Detail

Choosing the Flavour of Your Cake Is One Yummy Wedding Detail

Planning your wedding means keeping up with a lot of details. From the dress and flowers to the cake and party favours. You already know you want your cake to be beautiful, but have you given any thought to the taste yet? Mud cakes are really popular right now with a rich, moist texture and a variety of available fillings.

Here are the five most popular flavours this year.

Caramel Mud Cake

This cake features a rich caramel cake with white chocolate blended into the mix that melts in your mouth. In between the layers, you’ll find creamy caramel.


Chocolate Mud Cake

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Okay, there might be a couple of people, but do you want them at your wedding? This decadent chocolate cake will take care of your chocolate cravings for a week. The filling between the layers is an even richer tasting chocolate ganache.

Alpine Mud Cake

This light vanilla cake includes a mixture of white chocolate for added richness and a mild chocolate taste. The filling between the layers of this cake is a white chocolate ganache oozing with richness.


Marble Mud Cake

Chocolate and vanilla swirl together in this cake to give you the best of both flavours. The cake batter combines both white and dark chocolate for added richness. A layer of chocolate ganache completes the flavour profile of this cake.


Fruit Cake

This traditional filling and cake continues to remain popular and top the lists for cake flavours. Out of all the cakes on this list, this one offers you the best chance of freezing the top tier for your first anniversary.


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