DIY Ideas for Weddings- Unique Wedding Favours

DIY Ideas for Weddings- Unique Wedding Favours

When you’re planning your wedding, a lot of detail and thought goes into your special day. There’s the dress, cake, flowers, and of course, the reception. When you’re looking for a unique way to thank your guests and give them something to take with them, you should consider unique wedding favours. You’ll find a variety of DIY ideas for weddings favours that leave your guests feeling special and welcomed on your magical day.

Homemade Jam

Do you have a knack for creating delicious jams? How about making some, or having a friend make them, for your wedding reception? Put them in cute little jars with a personalized message for your guests. They can take them home and keep on remembering your special day for weeks to come.


Succulents in a Cute Pot 

This unique party favor will definitely leave a mark on your guests minds. They can take these beautiful plants home with them and they’ll think of you each time they see it. It’s also a favor that lasts longer than the typical items you find at weddings.


Lolly Bar

Want to give your guests a fun way to treat themselves? Consider having a unique and fun lolly bar at your reception. These are great favors and are fun for all your guests. Match your color scheme with unique lollipops and beautiful glassware to really showcase your bar.


Photo Booth Envelopes 

Consider placing a photo booth at your reception and giving out personalized thank you envelopes to take their shots home in. Photo booths are a loads of fun for everyone and the personalized envelopes make them even more special. Check out The Photo Booth Guys (our sister company) as an awesome addition to your wedding reception.


Other Ideas  

There are a variety of do it yourself wedding favors including matchbooks, personalized sachet bags, and even unique bags of popcorn with a special message. You can get as costly as monogrammed shot glasses or as inexpensive as flavored marshmallows in beautiful packaging.

Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas.


Keep all these exciting ideas in your wedding planner as you also consider other DIY Ideas for Weddings such as your cake, flowers, and decorations. One area you might want to go professional with is the photographer. By working with SilverEdge Photography you can trust all the best shots will be caught, including your amazing unique wedding favours. Contact us for all your photo needs and to capture your magical event!