Ideas for weddings: Adding Your Touch to the Reception

Ideas for weddings: Adding Your Touch to the Reception


You’re engaged!YAY! Once you have stopped staring at your ring long enough to think, it’s time to do some work. Planning your perfect Brisbane wedding takes time and work. A fun mix of shopping and crafting will add a personal touch to the whole wedding

  • Start with the decorations. It doesn’t matter if you have an indoor wedding or not, you need to decorate. Create fun things to welcome your guests.



  • Create fun centerpieces. When you are decorating your space, don’t forget the tables. Extend the theme of your day to your tables and create fun centrepieces.




  • Personalize your cake. Your cake is one thing your guests will focus on. Create a cake topper that is yours and yours alone.


  • Don’t forget about your guest book. Let your guests leave you messages and their contact information in creative ways. Personalize your guest book to fit your personality and the theme of your big day. The Photo Booth Guest book is an awesome way to do this!


  • Give the guests something to remember your special by besides all of the pictures. Create a DIY favor that incorporates your theme, so that your guests remember your special day…like these cute cookies.


The most important thing to remember is that no matter what you need, you can make it. Take the time to enjoy your special day. Please contact us for more information on adding your own touch to your reception.