Three Tips For DIY Wedding Ideas

Three Tips For DIY Wedding Ideas

You’ve have the ring on your finger and now comes the fun part. Planning your wedding! Do you hire an expensive wedding planner or do you have your dream wedding all planned out? If you’re looking to save a few dollars and have fun at the same time, try these tips for your DIY ideas for weddings.

These ideas can help you make your perfect day just as you want without breaking the bank in the process.


Set a Budget and Guest List – Start your planning process by sitting down with your spouse to be and plan your budget and the guest list. This is key in knowing how much food to provide, seating arrangements, and size of cake to buy. Work together to agree on a number you’re both comfortable with when you’re starting the planning process. You do not want to start your life as a newly married couple in debt. Setting your budget and guest list to start with is the perfect way to get your DIY wedding off the ground.

Explore Pinterest – This website is changing the face of wedding planning of the future! You’ll find ideas on everything from a cake topper and flowers to dresses and reception styling ideas. Discover a variety of ways to make wedding favours that your guests will love! Get tips on designing your flower bouquets, discover amazing food ideas, and you can even grab ideas for your photo-booth at the wedding.

We have heaps of boards to browse through, pop over to our Pinterest page.

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Hire a Photographer – While you can definitely DIY on many of the items on your wedding to-do list, the photographer is one you want to consider getting a professional. These pictures last a lifetime and you want to have the memories of your special day without worrying about who’s taking them.

We understand how important your day is and capture all of those intimate and special moments of your celebration. Make sure you have all the shots you’re looking for with a trusted photographer on your side. You can contact us today to schedule your special day.

Taking these few steps to begin with will help you make the most of your DIY wedding. You can have a beautiful wedding without blowing your budget by taking sometime to plan ahead.